Interpretation Services

【1】Translation service
【2】Dispatching of Japanese interpreter
【3】Dispatching of interpreter in China
【4】Chinese guide・business interpreter
【5】support of training programs

Contents of translation service
Letters, websites, catalogs, brochures, specifications, product descriptions, manuals, contracts, legal documents, company brochures, public submissions, research reports, newspapers・magazines, living guides

Talents to meet the challenge of globalization
In an era of globalization, international talents are gathering in Tokyo. Our company has a register of many experienced translators in many different fields.Our staffs include professional level interpreters, translation professors, foreign experts, who can provide accurate and speedy translation of large amounts of technical documents.

About Us

With our professional translation ability and high quality, we provide our clients with reliable and relieved translation service in different specialties.Our aim at the translation agency is to contribute to the international community. Founded in 1997, we provide translation service in Chinese, English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Philippine and other languages. Since then, we provided translation and interpretation services including China Taiwan's bullet train project, the introduction of foreign high-speed railway technology into China and other shipbuilding, steel, power generation, transmission, transformer and IT projects. Making use of the advanced IT technology and translation innovation, we are pursuing the revolution of quality and efficiency. We have a complete system in dealing with translation, DTP, printing, WEB and localization. Our company gathers the professional translators from around the world in each field including electricity, IT, machinery, electronics, pharmaceuticals, finances and legal services.

Strict quality control system
By removing the language barrier, we are promoting the globalization of business.With our strict quality control system, we could deal with bid documents, manuals and other professional documents as well as general business documents.We have made long-term business contacts with lots of companies.

Fulfill commitments faithfully
Adherence to the commitment, due date and confidentiality, we provide high-quality, speedy translation services for our clients. We hope we could contribute to the globalization of business.

Main Customers





2000年 東芝、日立、GE連合で原子力発電(ABW)についての中国でのプレゼンテーション通訳。

2000年 浙江天荒坪揚水発電所応札プレゼンテーション通訳。中国陝西省韓城発電所2期案件通訳。

2003-2005年 台湾高速鉄道案件全般(指令制御、保守基地、架空電車線、車掌、駅、車両製造等すべての分野)通訳、マニュアル翻訳。

2005年 中国和諧U号【動車組】関係(技術文書、マニュアル翻訳、来日技術者のトレーニング)通訳。

2007-2008年 揚水発電(山西西龍池揚水発電技術商談、立会試験通訳、送変電に関しては50万V、80万V、100万V(UHV)送変電関係の技術商談通訳、変圧器、避雷器、GIS立会試験等通訳。

他の翻訳 脱硫、鉄鋼、機械、造船、塗装、溶接、半導体、医療設備等。